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2020 was a crazy year, I think we can all agree. Although a rather tough year with several hardships experienced, It was a year that made a lot of individuals find their true selves and their passions - I was one of those individuals. Up until last year I had struggled to commit to an identity, being biracial put me through an absolute loop. Until May 25th, when the uproar of George's Floyd's death initiated. Protests started and awareness was spread, which is when I realized that I could relate to a lot of the stories I had been seeing in the media ; this gave me a burning desire to do more within my community, and so I did. After our local protest on June 11, I became blessed with so many amazing opportunities to educate and spread awareness within Collingwood.

A few including 

In June I was given the amazing opportunity to partner with Google Canada for their global day of reflection, known as Juneteenth. I was chosen as a national representative to present my BLM speech to the entire Canadian team, and then afterwards engage in a live Q and A.

I am also apart of Unity Collective Collingwood (UCC). A town-sanctioned group, who have a mandate to educate the community and work with council to address systematic racism and diversity in Collingwood. 

On March 8, 2021, I will be one of Collingwood's panelists for International Women's Day, where I will join nine other females to share our stories live, and engage in a Q & A. Stay tuned for that!

 My article written for Broadview magazine's April/May issue is out now, check it out at the link below!

Additionally, below I have added a few other opportunities that I was able to link.  

I'm so grateful for my past projects and beyond excited to launch my future ones. Stay tuned and follow along on the rest of the journey with me.

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